William S. a.k.a King David
Singer, Rapper, Songwriter, Music Producer

Who is William S. a.k.a King David?

William S is a hip-hop artist, songwriter and music producer best known for his innovative take on music. He has been featured in many albums and has performed on big venues like The Kodak Theatre, BB kings, House of Blues, The Festival of Lights in Riverside, CA. As an artist, he has worked with established labels like Doggystyle Label called Pomona City Movement and toured with Heatwave Car Show as well. He continues to receive accolades and has premiered on Industry Insider and Rap Pages.

William Spigner, who performs as William S was born in Riverside, California on August 10, 1978. He grew up in Riverside with music in his blood and moved to Mississippi, the birthplace of blues music when he was 17 to pursue liberty. He hails from a very musical family as both his parents are singers and that is why music comes to him naturally. His early motivations towards music came from his dad as he taught himself to play the piano.  William also sang in the choir at his church.


William struggled at the beginning of his career, he considers himself to be a natural hustler and has worked in Sales, Retail, Air Force, Construction, Fast-Food, Real Estate and Computer Technology. The artist was fascinated with MPC60 while working with Empire studio and wanted to make music too. He moved to Turkey after getting expelled from school and learned to play the drums on the American Symphony as guided by his father.


Musical Beginnings

At the age of 13, William S started his musical career when he was offered a record deal. The outgoing teen signed a record deal later when some music producers discovered his mixtape in a barbershop and he continued to make meaningful contacts in the music industry. Around this time, he began to work with his management, most notably The HitClub who had deep knowledge of the music and encouraged his music projects. The project was enough to get William a couple of songs released in movies.

William began to work with John Oooten who encouraged him and introduced him to Kenny Bereal and his colleagues. Riding the waves of success, Williams S’s songs were widely acclaimed and received enthusiastic reviews, topping music charts around the world and earning William’s comparisons to such Hip-hop and R&B greats like Jay Z and Dr. Dre — it was a piece of perfection that was acknowledged as a classic far and wide.


 In September 2019, the Louisiana, Texas artist will unveil the Pomona City Fair and is currently working on his solo album and KingsTable Album. William has also performed at events like The Heatwave and club dates.


The multi-talented star is also a professional drum, keyboard, electric, bass, and acoustic guitar player.

For details and collaborations with William S, please feel free to contact on below:

Instagram: @iamwilliam_s

Twitter: @willimajor


“One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain.”

– Bob Marley